Basketball Defense Tip

Beside the evolution of the changes in the offensive end, the defensive end of the game also involved in order to counter different changes in the offensive weapons. One basketball defense tip, the man-to-man defense, coaches began to apply more pressure on the ball more often and instructed the weak-side defensive players to sag more toward the basket.

This was the earliest of the recover defensive tactic or weak side help defense, but resorted to man-to-man whenever their zone failed.A new type of defense called match-up zone defense began to develop, but it was hard to execute: however, it is very efficient when properly executed. It was done by having players to use match-up zone with the various offensive sets, then attempt to defend a certain area of the court. Each player would try to use a a combination of zone and man-to-man tactics in guarding a defensive player in his area.

The pressure kind of man to man and zone defense were begin to use in the 1950's. Basketball began to develop as a major sport in the 1940's. Coach such as John Wooden at Indiana State gave the first black athletes the opportunity to demonstrate their talents; however, many southern universities refused to play teams with black players.

The black athletes soon proved to the entire nation that he had the ability and skills needed for the modern day game of basketball. It is a definitely a key move that black players became the most dominant force in basketball skills of modern-day players.In 1960's, multiple defenses were used. The basic premise of these stunting and combination defenses was to take advantage of this weakest link of the opponent's offense.

Only a few coaches used multiple defenses and became successful with it. In today, successful coaches who used multiple defense have found this to be a way of slowing down improving offenses. Former North Carolina Coach Dean Smith had used multiple defenses to confuse opposition for years, and nobody alive would doubt his success. It is obvious that Coach Smith's combination of half-court, three-quarter-court, and full-court defenses, and the quick changes from zone defense to man-to man defense quickly confuse the offense.

It greatly disrupt the shooing accuracy and the confidence of the opposition. Other famous coaches who adapted multiple defense before Coach Smith were Jack Ramsey, Del Harris, John Wooden, and Frank McGuire, and others. All were successful coaches at all levels of the game. Now, since the NBA legalized the zone defense, it would be interesting to see how anyone would come up with a defense schemes against Shaquille O'Neil Only. Smith's sophisticated multiple defense constantly interweaves man-to-man and zone principles.